Tripartite Dialogue

The Social Council of Montenegro was established on a tripartite basis and consists of eight representatives:

Government of Montenegro

Of Representative Trade Union Organizations in Montenegro:
Federation of Trade Unions of Montenegro - SSCG and Union of Free Trade Unions of Montenegro - USSCG)

Representative Association of Employers in Montenegro:
Union of Employers of Montenegro - UPCG)

The members of the Council, the Government, the representative trade union organizations and the representative association of employers are appointed or dismissed in accordance with their acts.

„Tripartism is one of the main forms of social dialogue. This is the founding principle and fundamental value of the International Labor Organization, which are at the heart of the work of the National Tripartite Social Dialogue: an ILO guide for improved governance / ILO, social Dialogue and Tripartism Unit, Govenrnance and Tripartism Department. - Geneva: ILO, 2013.

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